Mabamba Wetlands

The Mabamba Wetland is a scenic swamp that has a wide array of bird species including the unique Shoebill Stork. The local community has worked hard for several years to preserve the swamp. The community provides boats that travel to Busi Island and guided boat tours to see the incredible shoebill. The local community also supplies life jackets if requested and we have child life jackets if requested.

The Kasanje local council has imposed a tax on people visiting the Shoebill. They are charging 25,000 UGX a foreigner, 15,000 a resident and 10,000 for Ugandans. They do provide receipts and please insist on one as the funds will go towards community development and conservation of the swamp. The price of the boat, which can take 4 or 5 people, is 150,000 UGX,. If you wish to spend more than 1.5 hours to 2 hours in the swamp than it will cost an additional 50,000 UGX an hour. This includes a boatman and guide fees.

Irene– former Chairperson of Mabamba Wetland Ecotourism Association (MWETA) – 0777818057

Ismael– USAGA Bird guide at Mabamba- 0772866814

Joseph– Surveyor for Nature Uganda Blue Swallow Project -0785457107

Shakul– Head bird guide and Surveyor for Nature Uganda Blue Swallow Project -0784751923

Hannington– Chairperson of MWETA and First bird guide at Mabamba- 0782945185

Maria– Mweta member 0774297164

Wilson – Mweta Member 0780351047