The lodge is located near Zziba village on the way to Mabamba Shoebill Bird Watching site. It can be reached off the Buwaya-Kasanje Road – once on this road you can follow the signs to the lodge. Drive time from central Kampala is about 1 hour 45 minutes

The lodge is marked on  Google maps but the directions can be misleading.  

DIRECTIONS TO NKIMA FOREST LODGE VIA KAJJANSI (OFF THE ENTEBBE EXPRESSWAY) NAKAWUKA-KASANJE . This is usually the fastest route, but has more gravel road, which can be hard on the car!

  • If coming from Kampala or Munyoyo take the Entebbe expressway and exit half way to go through Kajjansi on the old Entebbe Road. DO NOT STAY ON THE ENTEBBE EXPRESSWAY AFTER KAJJANSI AS YOU CANNOT EXIT WHERE GOOGLE INDICATES THAT YOU CAN!
  • Approximately 3klm from the expressway exit roundabout, after passing through Kajjansi, and  a Shell Station (left side),  at KITENDE  trading centre turn right on tarmac. The turning is just after the communication towers on your right and is sign posted to PAVILLION HOTEL.
  • Then immediately turn left on a poor tarmac road, called Sekiwunga rd, towards Pavillion hotel.
  • Follow the road passed the Pavillion Hotel, over the Entebbe expressway, after which the road becomes murram. Continue for approx 1 km to a T-junction at the top of a hill, turn right to NAKAWUKA, which is about 4 km.
  • The road goes through Ssisa to Nakawuka , where you turn left at the mini roundabout.
  • Follow the road for about 7 km to KASANJE. At the mini roundabout turn left toward Buwaya.
  • After 3 km turn right at SANYU CHURCH (left side) where there are lots of flags, You should see our sign at this turning. From this point you can follow the signs.
  • Go straight for about 8 km through ZZIBA CBS village and turn right at our sign. Follow our signs up to the top of the hill.


  • Leave Kampala on the Masaka road, and drive e 30 klm to MPIGI. Turn left at the top of the hill to KASANJE (10klm) just after the turning on your right to Mpigi.
  • Go straight over the mini roundabout at KASANJE towards Buwaya and turn right after 3klm just after Wakiso sand revenue collection barrier, at the flags for SANYU CHURCH corrugated iron church on your left.The road has a sign for Nkima Forest Lodge.
  • After about 8 klm, just after ZZIBA CBS village turn right at the track with the sign to Nkima Forest Lodge. (If you miss the turning the road continues to Mabamba Landing site (to Busi Island) and you will have to turn around).
  • Head up the hill, about  500m, and take the 4th left towards the hill in front of the Nkima Lodge sign.
  • Continue on this road up toward the forest passing Nansbuga Hill Road sign. You should then be on a straight track with grass on both sides.After approx. 800 metres look for a track to the right with a sign to the lodge. The road goes up a steep hill through the forest to the Nkima Forest Lodge car park.


  • You can also come via the car ferry from Entebbe Nakiwogo to Buwaya. However, the ferry is a bit unpredictable, only takes 8 vehicles at a time and it is usually slower than driving around.
  • After crossing continue approx. 5 k.m from the Buwaya landing site, and take the left turning by Sanyu Church (corrugated metal structure with numerous flags on your right opposite the turning) to Zziba and Mabamba. There is a sign Nkima Forest Lodge, but you will only see it when you turn on your left. Then follow directions above.

If you are coming without a car or coming by taxi the Nakiwogo-Buwaya route is a good and quicker option using the local wooden ferries. The numerous local ferries take 10 minutes to cross and will go at any time. THE The cost is 15,000UGX for a private boat to cross immediately or 3,000UGX sharing with others. The lodge can arrange to pick you up from the Buwaya on the other side (60,000UGX) . Please inform the lodge if you want to use this option. You can also get a boda boda to the lodge from Buwaya (approx 7,000UGX).

The lodge is marked on Google maps and and is close to the Mabamba Bird watching site also marked on numerous maps. DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS FOR THE LAST FEW KILOMETRES TO THE LODGE. IT WILL SEND YOU ALONG SOME VERY SMALL TRACKS!